Engineering and management of Google Adsense Ads

There is so much trouble with Google Adsense Ads, Some ask:

How do I put ads on the site or in our blog? 
What programming language should I wear? 
May I ask the ad script?

    Yes, many who think that putting ads on a website or blog is a complicated job that requires a high level of programming knowledge. In fact, no! Anyone can do it including you all.

    After learning all about Google Adsense ads, you are expected to:
    1. Understanding the Google Adsense products
    2. Understanding the Google Adsense ad impressions configuration
    3. Understanding How to promote Google Adsense Ads
    4. Understanding How Google Adsense ads placement
    5. Understand requirements provided by Google Adsense
    6. Knowing Things to avoid in business Adsense
    Maybe it was just exposure from me about the Engineering and Management of Adsense ads.

    Google Page Rank Update Schedule 2012-2013

    Good afternoon all. Blogs instinct will allow a post dealing with a Page Rank of the latest schedule. With the schedule of this page rank we can predict or deliver the most powerful moment for our blog to get a high page rank.

    With this we will explain a little about Page rank themselves. Page rank will not work on a blog that is copy and paste because Mr. Google will track blog articles are really into Google criteria. Because Google do not want in fooling by the bloggers, therefore from now on let's make a blog article Google it meets the criteria in order to get a high page rank. As an example: Blogger Sitemap Generator New Version
    Blogger Sitemap Generator New Version

    Here's Google Page Rank Update Schedule:
    • Update 1 - January 30 to February 2
    • Update 2 - June 30 to July 2
    • Update 3 - 30 September to 2 October
    • Update 4 - 31 December to 3 January 2013