Muffin Tin Monday: Color Series - Blue/Purple

I'll get right to the fun. Today's Muffin Tin Monday  theme is blue/purple. I combined the theme to blue and purple, because lets face it, there aren't a whole lot of blue foods out there!

In this muffin tin meal: blue corn chips, berries, grapes, pears marinated in acai juice (bought them that way), water in a blue cup, frozen blueberry yogurt

NEXT WEEK: NO THEME, originally I said rainbow and then I remembered it's right after Easter, so I thought I would make it easier on everyone and have no theme. I also may be using a different linky set up, so keep an eye out.

Did you make a muffin tin meal? We'd love to see it1 Enter your blog post url in the form below:

No Need For The Sunday Paper

Who needs the Sunday Paper with links like these?

Lolly Chops: am loving Lolly Chops Wall Flowers Week offerings...Each day has been an inspiration in flower crafting, but I have to say Monday's crafted orange flowers were my favorite...she had me at "butterflies".

Whitney Smith Pottery on Etsy: My good friend Alicia turned me on to this incredible hand made pottery shop on Etsy. I was a little taken aback at the pricing and then I remember that everything is handmade...including the adorable little birdies and flowers.

Loving this free Easter printable from babalisme (found via living locurto)

Happy Palm Sunday!

As Christians, we remember Palm Sunday as the day, a week before Christ died and rose from grave, he was welcomed into the city of Jerusalem as people waved palm branches and shouted:

   "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"
"Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!"
   "Hosanna in the highest!"

Mark 11:9-10

**Ever wonder what hosanna means? I always thought it meant "blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord". Not quite. It means "save now!" The same word is used in Psalm 118:25 

5 Easy Tips For A Great Smoothie

Springtime is here! And what a better way to Celebrate than with a delicious smoothie?! Making a smoothie doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, I love throwing in whatever kind of fruit I have, some yogurt and ice and presto! a smoothie the whole family will love.

Here are some miscellaneous tips to get you on your way to that perfect smoothie

1. 4 basic ingredients: ice, liquid base, fruit
1 cup ice
1 cup liquid (see #3)
2-3 cups fruits
That's my "M.O", but it coesn't have to be yours.

2. Add ice first, then liquid, then fuit.
cuts down on large pieces of ice hiding near the top.
3. A liquid base is a must
1 cup of fruit juice: OJ,apple, pineapple, etc. 
or 1 cupmilk base like milk, yogurt, or ice cream
**milk base makes for a creamier consistency
4. Fruit is the variable. You can add pretty much any fruit together and it will taste yummy. I even have a "go-to" smoothie called "everything but the kitchen sink". If I don't have enough of one item, I just start adding in whatever fruit I have on hand, toss in a spoonful of sugar and it's good to go.

4. When is my smoothie done blending?
This one I learned from my mom. It's done when the smoothie starts folding in on itself. It kind of makes a little "whirlpool" in the center of the blender jug.

5. What if I want it sweeter, but don't want to add sugar? Honey is an awesome substitute, but I wouldn't ever use honey if you were making it for very young children (under 2) as they are unable to metabolize it. 

have fun!

Muffin Tin Monday

Hooray For Mondays! Welcome new participants, it is so great to have you! Muffin Tin Mom is the official home of Muffin Tin Monday, so you can be sure to find plenty of Muffin Tin Meal's here!

This week there is no theme for Muffin Tin Monday.

Not sure what MTM is all about? be sure to visit the Muffin Tin Monday FAQ page. The concept is pretty simple, serve a meal, snack, or dessert to your kids in a muffin tin. The small individual cups are perfect for kid sized portions! And we call it Muffin Tin Monday, because, well, we serve them on mondays! Don't like mondays? That's okay, you add your MTM all week long in the form below!

In this muffin tin meal: apple juice, turkey on toothpicks, carrot sticks, apples, and cheddar cheese squares.

Want to join in the fun? We would love to have you! And I know there are many of you that do Muffin Tin Meals but don't blog about it or take photos, and that's okay too. I will say that the more participants there are, the more yummy tins there are to look at and I love all the mealtime inspiration!

If you'd like to join in, blog about it and be sure to include a photo or just add the photo to an online photo hosting site and then add the URL to the post (and not your entire blog) or photo to the form below. It will then show up in the list below so that others can hop over to your blog/photo and see what you've done! Can't wait to see!

No Need For The Sunday Paper

Let's get right to the links!

The Activity Mom: I love how she constructed this DIY pretend grocery store out of two show racks and piece of shelving. So clever! It was a birthday present for her son. What a gift!

1+1=1: Nothing in particular to link to, I just want you to go check out this fantastic homeschooling blog/site. If you homeschool or are thinking about homeschooling, may I highly recommend 1+1=1.

Funny Days With Mommy and Maddie: I am soooo trying the Maple and Cream Cheese Cresents she made. The look and sound delish!

Love, love, loving these spring chick cupcakes from The Idea Room. so cute. Excited to see how they taste.'s looking more and more like I have food on the brain. hee hee!


A quote instead of scripture today. It's one that I have hanging from a D-ring in our shower.

"For every selfish act in a family, there is an honor based solution."

~From the book: How to Stop Whining, Crying and Complaining
in You and Your Kids

Saturday Snapshot

I would love to hear how you would name this photo...

M & M Math: Sorting and Graphing Candies

Is your preschooler going into kindergarten next year? Even if they aren't, this kindergarten readiness activity can be altered for younger children. It's an "oldy-but-a goody": M & M Math. Any small candies will work, however, M & M's seem to be a universal favorite amongst all children.

You'll need just a few items:
  • 1 package of M & M's ("fun size" works for smaller children)
  • Piece of plain white paper
  • black marker or sharpie

How to:
  • Draw as many medium size circles as there are M & M's. (six-ish).
  • Have your child sort the M & M's by color into each circle.

For preschoolers getting ready for kindergarten, you can line graph them. You'll need a ruler to draw your graph like the photo below. Muffin Tin Boy, who is a preschooler, had a little interest in the graph. But Muffin Tin Girl loved it and loved seeing the results in a different way.

You can count how many are in each row/circle and talk about which one has less/more or least/most. You can talk over how they taste and if the different colors make the candies taste different. M & M's all taste the same, but this might be effective with Skittles.

Most important, they got to eat the candies after they were done.

What about you? Do you have any tips for sorting candies or kindergarten readiness? I'd love to hear about it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! That tricky Leprachaun left a trail of gold (glitter) through our house as he went about his merry way...leaving some treats for our family and turning the milk and the sugar green!

Hope your day is filled with blessings and sprinkled with a little mischief!

Muffin Tin Monday - Color Series: Green - St. Patrick's Day

For some reason, yesterday's No Need For The Sunday Paper link round up didn't publish and I was gone for most of the day....please hop over and take a look at all the wonderful links I rounded up if you have a moment...

We are continuing the color series theme for Muffin Tin Monday with the color GREEN. Our MTM themed offerings have been mostly snack related, lately...I think because it's been hard to find main dishes with a single color!

Here's what we had: Guacamole with chips, green fruit loops, "flecks of gold" cheese, and limes sprinkled with sugar.

What did you make for Muffin Tin Monday? Won't you share it with us? Leave the URL to your blog post in the form below and for more info about this fun and kid-friendly blog carnival, read the MTM FAQ

No Need For The Sunday Paper

Happy Sunday! There are a lot of links this week, hope you can sit down with a cup of coffe and enjoy them as much as I did!

Home links:

I am on a homemaking mission: Create a peaceful home environment that is both organized and effiecent, warm and fun. I have kinda lost my mojo lately, and I looking to get it back. To that end here are two links for routines and home management:

Simple Mom: 20 Tips on Keeping a Routine With Kids.

Passionate Homemaking: Building a Home Planning Notebook

Crafty links:

A Forest Frolic made an incredible shabby chic banner...seriously so gorgeous. And she sells them in her shop! I think this project would be a great add to the glitter craft project round up!

Katie's Nesting Spot (photo credit above): This accordion fold mini scrapbook with  pockets is so adorable. Katie is so talented!

Dollar Store Crafts features an inexpensive, yet elegant tabletop wine glass votives. These look so simple and fun to make!

Katherine Marie Photography: Friends, there isn't a post she has that I don't drool over. Her "Green Eggs and Ham" crafts and photos are no exception. simply wonderful.


The Glitter Craft Project Link-Up I mentioned last week is  posted! Check out the adorable St. Patrick's Day Mom Badge I made!

And don't forget tomorrow is Muffin Tin Monday. We are continuing our Color Series Theme with the Color Green- just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Be sure to come back and check it out!


As always, a little encouragement from The Good Book:

1 John 4:8

God is love.

As Michael Moudman puts it, "God does not merely love; He is love itself. Everything God does flows from His love. But it is important to remember that God’s love is not a sappy, sentimental love such as we often hear portrayed. God loves because that is His nature and the expression of His being. He loves the unlovable and the unlovely (us!), not because we deserve to be loved, but because it is His nature to do so, and He must be true to His nature and character."

The greek word for love used here in this verse is agape. The essence of this agape love is self-sacrifice. To read more, be sure to check out this short article, also by Mr. Moudman titled "What is agape love?"

Glitter Craft Project Link Up!

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!  I am so excited to share with you the St. Patrick's Day Badge I made today! I don't have a tutorial, as I was in a hurry (ahem, even though I had a self made deadline of twelve days) to get it out for today's round up. What do you think? I popped this out in about an hour, the ribbon edging is what took up so much time.

I will wear my badge proudly on the 17th, but I am more than a lucky mom, I am a blessed mom.

What glitterific projects did you make? Share it with us! Leave the URL to your blog post in the form below. This will stay open indefinitely...CAN"T WAIT to see your project! Remember it can be any glitter related craft, actvity or project for the home, for kids, etc.

Stay Tuned...

Don't worry, the Glitter Craft Project Round Up will be posted later today. Get those posts and projecs ready!

101 Microwave Mug Cakes -Recipe Book Review

I have made a microwave mug cake before, but Stacey J. Miller's 101 Microwave Mug Cakes recipe book proves there are so many more options out there than chocolate! She has come up with a comprehensive list of recipes for the popular microwave mug cake. We made the orange vanilla variety again tonight and it was just as delicious as the first time we tried out the recipe. Seriously, ladies....piping hot cake in a matter of minutes? Soooo worth it. Stacey and her book have even been featured on Rachel Ray! Be sure to click over to the Microwave Mug Cake site for more info about her book. Click on the video below to see my abridged recipe testing (I had to cut the video down a bit, I was after all working with children). There are some pretty funny moments as I make the cake with my 4 and 6 year old. They LOVED the cake. Pay particular attention to end when Muffin Tin Boy is trying come up with the words to describe how wonderful the cake tastes...

101 Microwave Mug Cakes Review from vistamommy on Vimeo.

Flashcard Puzzles

I'm over at San Diego Bagain Mama with a post on "learning for less" with a post on how to make easy puzzles from flashcards found at the dollar store - go have a look!

Muffin Tin Monday -Theme - Color Series: Yellow

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday! Theme this week, continuing with our color series is: Yellow! I struggled to pull together an entire meal for meal for this theme. There are plenty of yellow foods, I just didn't have access to them. :) He is our offering this week, a little light yellow snack.

Yellow Flower Muffin Cups with:
~Dried banana and pineapple bites
~Lemon yogurt with sprinkles
~Animal cracks (hey, they are yellow-ish)

While putting together today's MTM, I wanted to make sure you feel free to be creative with Muffin Tin Monday. It can consist of whatever foods you want, and while it is Muffin Tin Monday for a reason, you don't have to use a traditional muffin tin. You can use silicone baking cups, paper baking cups, silicone baking pans, shaped baking tins, or the traditional 12 cup muffin tin. It's all up to you! If you are new to this or for more on this be sure to visit the Muffin Tin Monday FAQ page and see the MTM Flickr group (I am the moderator) for some inspiration. Lots of new photos have been added.

Also, Muffin Tin Monday has been featured on Ohdeedoh today! They detail a little of MTM's history, hop over for a look!

Now it's your turn! Did you make a Muffin Tin Meal this week? Won't you share with us? Leave the url to your photo/blog post in the form below!

No Need For The Sunday Paper

Links, Links, Links!

I am digging this Small Art Caddy From The Container Store. It would be prefect to keep kids art supplies! What do you think?
Technorati Family Channel: This article by Elizabth about Phoebe Price and cyber bullying has me reeling. I am going to be doing my presentation in Child Development class on bullying amongst girls, and how early does it start. (And let me just tell you that I have seen it in the preschool age).

Learning In The Box: Do you homeschool? This homeschooling mom lists a bunch of "waiting station" ideas. awesome! I think you could make a case for the "waiting station" to make an appearance in our house every day 30 minutes before sitting down to dinner! bonus: free printable.

Did you know that March 27 is Bake and Take Day? Neither did I! Head over to One Little Word She Knew to check out how you can be a part of it!

To bring a little joy to your day, watch this short video of a sweet little boy's rendition of Jason Mraz's I'm Yours

photo by KitAy

Don't forget to vote 4 me in the San Diego #InfluenceSD Best In Lifestyle Category. To read more about that you can go here. (i'm breaking my own rule and typing "here" instead of a keyword - sorry!)

Also, don't forget Friday, Mar 12th is the Glitter Craft Project Link Up.  I am looking forward to linking up with you, I hope you will join me!


Scripture For Sunday
Proverbs 28:13-14

He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy. Blessed is the man who always fears the LORD, but he who hardens his heart falls into trouble.

kinda heavy stuff, but still worth the read.

#InfluenceSD: The Best in San Diego New Media

#InfluenceSD is a local San Diego venture which brings all of the best bloggers, twitterers (tweeters?), podcasters, and PR peeps together on one site. It's fast become the site to discover who's who in San Diego's fast growing Social Media Circle. I have found so many new blogs to follow in my area, through #InfluenceSD. Even if you don't live in the San Diego area, there are some wonderful blogs to discover.

You can nominate and vote for your favorites in Categories such as Best In Lifestyle, Best Podcast of The Year, Best in Community and Nightlife, and Best Blog of the Year, among others.

And I'm nominated!  I'm shamelessly plugging Muffin Tin Mom and asking that if you like what you read here at MTM, I would love for you to go check out #InfluenceSD and vote for little old me. I'm up against some pretty wonderful competition, some of them friends. Be sure to click the up arrow next to my name - that's how you vote. I may be on page one or two as well.

Friday Find: NBC's Today Show segment: Do Bath Toys Carry Germs?

If you need me, I'll be in the bathroom, disinfecting the you know what out of our bath toys...

Market Tote Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Big Flower Market Tote from It's a Girl Thing is

Lisa of Nanny Diaries!

Lisa's comment that she tweeted about the giveaway is the one that was randomly chosen via

It's a Girl Thing:  With a clever tagline: "A boutique only a girl would understand", Stephanie's products cover a wide range - everything from apparrel and jewelry to monogrammed baby bloomers and oilcloth bags and totes.

Folding Drying Rack Works To Dry Kid's Art

We are always painting, gluing and creating around here and frequently we need a place to dry our many art projects. I had seen the expensive drying racks found at teacher supply stores, ogled them, and decided that wasn't in our budget. That's when I realized I had the solution right in my own home! Why go out and spend a fortune on an children's art drying rack, when I could get the same benefit for less with a clothes drying rack (found at your local big box store like Target or Walmart for around $12.99 and sometimes less). The one pictured above is from Target, collapses and stores in the closet when not in use, and even has an area on top to lay large artwork flat. When the artwork is done, I wipe it clean and stow it away. And because I already owned this one, I spend zero dollars!

Do you do messy art projects at home with your kids? If so, where do you put your child's art when it's drying? 

Glitter Craft Project Link Up on March 12th!

I am inspired! I bought a jar of glitter at the craft store recently, see how it inspired me in this short vlog.

Market Tote Giveaway from It's A Girl Thing

Every so often I run across a site that not only has wonderful products, but also it run by wonderful people. And so it is with It's a Girl Thing.

Stephanie runs It's a Girl Thing. With a clever tagline: "A boutique only a girl would understand", her products cover a wide range - everything from apparrel and jewelry to monogrammed baby bloomers and oilcloth bags and totes. Some of the few iems I fell in love with:

perfect for toys, crafts, or of course a trip to the market.

the colored dots are customizable & double as wine charms

notepad, built in chalkboard, with pockets for crayons, pencils and other treasures

Stephanie has graciously agreed to giveaway a Big Flower Market Tote Bag (pictured above-top) to one very lucky reader! Yay! While many of her products can be monogrammed/personalized, for this giveaway, the will bag will not be monogrammed.

Here's how to enter this giveaway:

1) Go to It's a Girl Thing and bowse all the lovely merchandise. Come back here and leave a comment with an item you particularly liked.

Extra Entry:

2) Have a Twitter account? Tweet this giveaway. Be sure to come back and leave me a separate comment that you did so.

3) Facebook it. Share this post or the It's A Girl Thing site a link. Leave a separate comment for this too.
That's it! I hope you win!

Giveaway will close on Thursday night, March 4, at 9pm, winner to be announced/contacted shortly thereafter. BE SURE TO LEAVE ME A VALID WAY TO GET A HOLD OF YOU, email, twitter handle, blog url, etc.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED: WINNER to be anounced shortly...

Muffin Tin Monday

Good Morning Friends!

I'll get right to the Muffin Tin Monday Goodness. There is no theme today, so feel free to not do a theme, or make up your own. Here's what we did. Remember that I also muffin cups as well as muffin tins for Muffin Tin Monday. Below, these are Calphalon muffin cups with a flower shaped cup by Wilton in the center.

What's in the cups? center: guacamole, outer circle: cheese circle, cubed chicken, carrots and sun chips.

Score one for guacamole! After many MTMs, he finally ate it and said "Mom, this stuff is yummy!"

What did you make for Muffin Tin Monday Won't you share it with us? Be sure to enter it in the form below!