Get Moving Family Fitness for the Wii Giveaway

the box The folks at Jumpstart and Knowledge Adventure are at it again, with the brand new Wii game entitled Get Moving Family Fitness: Sports Edition starring Brooke Burke. While the Jumpstart brand is renowned for their devotion to making educational games for kids, they decided to tackle another important topic: staying fit, active, and healthy.

The game is a fantastic way for families who love the Wii to spend time together and get active, all while having fun. With an emphasis on sports, the first installment of Get Moving, will have you and your family enjoying everything from baseball to ice skating.

Here are some quick facts about the game to know before you buy.
  • The price point is $29.99
  • It has an ESRB rating of "E" for Everyone.
  • It hit shelves on June 15th and can be found anywhere Wii games are sold.
Here are some points of interest:
  • You can design your own character (known as a "Jumpee") to race and play
  • You can build customized routines for extra challenge and set each game to easy, medium or difficult
  • There is a single or multi-player option
  • You can choose your game location -play underwater, on a farm, in Egypt or 8 other fun locations
  • features important tips on staying healthy
Thanks to the folks at Jumpstart/Knowledge Adventure, our family recently had an opportunity to sit down stand up and play a rousing session of Get Moving Family Fitness. We had a blast!

Baseball Batting

Here's what we loved:
  • It's similar to Wii Fit and Wii Sports, in that it has game content that focuses on a wide range of sports, fitness and balance games. However, it has all of Jumpstart's unique style and yet has kids in mind.
  • The baseball, volleyball and pinball balance game were our favorites.
  • We loved that you can "practice" separate skills within a sport (i.e. -both catching and hitting in baseball and serving and spotting in volleyball)
  • As a parent, I love that it promotes an active healthy lifestyle and engages the players on an interactive level (instead of passive consumption).

Here's what we think needs a little work:
  • The Wii remote seemed to be very sensitive to player use. This might prove difficult for the younger aged children below six years. (We experienced a little cry fest during our first time playing).
  • As a parent, I'd love to see more positive affirmation when you hit the ball, score a point etc. Sometimes, the baseball game felt a little quiet, or when the kids would miss, Brooke's voice would come on saying "too far". 
In a nutshell: Out of the 3 the Wii Jumpstart titles I have reviewed, I think this one is our favorite and all the quirks aside, my kids love it. Here's a little video of them playing.

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YOU can win a copy of Get Moving Family Fitness right here

Simply leave a comment telling me one way you and your family stay (or would like to stay) active both indoors and out. That's it. Yep, That's it. No extra entries this time. :) Good luck, and I hope you win!

Contest closes at 9am PST, Friday July 23rd ,2010
*This giveaway is now closed*

*Disclosure: I received 1 copy of the game to review  and one to give away on this blog, all opinions are my own and unbiased. All images are property of Knowledge Adventure.

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