Software Box or Button Makers Spoiler Blog

Sometimes friends of bloggers have trouble when it would make a box or button on the post spoilers because the length and complexity of JavaScript code to make the spoiler box.

But now there's a very simple, easy and instant to make a spoiler box without having to bother fiddling with the code JavaScript spoiler. Now you just need to use the freeware "Blog Spoiler". With size 170 Kb Portable Software.

You can make a spoiler box easily and can simply copy-paste it. If you are interested in this software is worth to try it please.

Download Spoiler :

The applicability of the way:
  • Run the software Spoiler Blog
  • In the box on the Generate button!, Fill in the title spoiler / title for the spoiler.
  • In the larger box, the contents can mate with the contents of the spoiler box, such as messages, pictures or vide.
  • Click the Generate button! to begin the process of making a script spoiler box.
  • Copy the scripts contained in the larger column earlier and paste it in your blog post.

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