Post-its + Sharpie = Help My Children Put Away Their Own Clothes

Recently, after spending a good portion of my day doing copious amounts laundry, I devised a simple, yet effective way to get my kids to put away the stacks of freshly clean clothes. Armed with a stack of post-its and a black sharpie pen, I labeled each dresser drawer with the corresponding clothes item (and I drew a little picture to go with each word).

Here's why it works:

  • My kids learn independence
  • Helps hone their sorting skills
  • Helps my new reader learn words
  • Helps my emerging reader with letter recognition
  • Post-its are temporary-perfect for dresser drawers that always seem to be in transition
  • They know where every clothes item is and where it goes
  • One item off my to-do list
  • My kids love it!

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