Muffin Tin Monday - Eating Healthy

Welcome to another wonderful edition of Muffin Tin Monday. It's hard to believe that Muffin Tin Meals have been going strong for over 2 years! Make my heart happy that so many families are enjoying this as much as we are. To find out a little more about Muffin Tin Meals, be sure to read the FAQ page.

This week's theme is all about 
Eating Healthy/Food Pyramid 

Sliced turkey wrapped in a tortilla, broccoli, lowfat blueberry yogurt, honeydew melon, carrot sticks, red apples. I went for the "half your plate" concept as mentioned below.

I am the first to confess that my muffin tin meals have not always been healthy. A few of them have been glorious candy-filled concoctions that my kids have loved. However, for the most part, I aim to bring a healthy balance to my children's diet. That's one of the reason's I love muffin tin meals - the separated muffin cups make for a great visual reminder of what I am feeding them.

While doing a little research for this week's theme on eating healthier, the food pyramid and nutrition, I came upon several important resources I hope you as useful and interesting as I did:

  • It's Not About Nutrition: Forget the Food Pyramid: I loved what this post has to say about eating healthy and helping parents and kids make healthy eating choices. Her comment to "Think ratios instead of servings and your kids will automatically start eating better." really resonated with me. She advocates the CDC's reformed approach of "half your plate" for fruits and veggies instead of "5 a day".
  • Today I Ate A Rainbow: I know many of you have already heard of this amazing concept/product for families and I can see why - it's full of helpful tools and colorful charts to get your kids eating a wide variety of foods along the rainbow spectrum.
  • Nourish Interactive: Free online kids games geared towards promoting healthy eating in kids. My kids love them, especially the "whack-a-snack" game and the coloring pages.
  • Local Grocer: Have you taken the time to find out what kind of vitamin's and nutrients are in your kids foods? I was delighted to walk into my local grocery store and find in the produce section, clear labels over every food detailing what each was "known for".  

Now it's your turn! What did you make for a Muffin Tin Meal? Won't you share it with us? YOu know the drill. click the blue "add your link button" to add your post or photo of a muffin tin meal you made this week for the kids!

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