How to Make A Clay Heart Necklace (For Kids And Grown Ups!)

My new crafty love is clay. Clay is great for little hands. Your little one can pound it and smush and mold it into different shapes. There are some you can bake and some that air dry, Some come in different colors and some come ready to paint. Today we made heart necklaces out of clay. We painted them and even through on a dash of modpodge and glitter. This is a great activity to do together with your child. Muffin Tin Girl and I now have "matching" clay heart necklaces (hers is white and mine is pink). And Muffin Tin Boy made me a special keepsake heart.

Clay heart necklaces are simple to make. However, there are a few tips and tricks to be aware of. The first being: Don't expect perfection. Clay is a fickle thing. Just the slightest touch by a hand can change it's shape. Use a gentle touch, however, if you are doing this with kids, just let them do whatever. Seriously, you won't win.

You'll need a few things to make this project:

  • Clay - the kind you bake (ON SALE until Saturday at Michaels for 88 cents)
  • Cookie Cutter in heart shape (mine happens to be the kind for cake fondant)
  • A knitting needle, toothpicks, and a Plastic or metal roller (grey - pictured above)
  • A necklace chain (I found a small ball chain necklace at Michaels, but I know sells them too)
Here's how:

1. According to the clay package directions, knead the lump of clay for 2 minutes. My kids loved this part.

(this is my "fake" kneading picture :) )

2. Roll out the clay so it is around 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Using the shape cutter, punch out a heart. You want it to be thick enough to make a hole in the side.

3. Be careful not to smoosh the heart too much (with kids this may be impossible to control). Poke a knitting needle or toothpick through the side (Doing it through the top is much easier, and might work better for younger kids, but doesn't lay as flat). This is important: Make sure the hole is large enough for a chain to fit through before you bake it!

4. Bake according to package directions: Typically 15 minutes at 275 degrees. Let cool completely before handling.

5. Paint as desired. If you buy the clay colored, you can skip this step. It does come in a rainbow of colors, but my kids liked painting it.

Optional step: add light coat of Mod Podge decopauge glue and sprinkle on some glitter. Below is an example of the hole at the top of the heart.

6. Let dry, string the completed heart on a necklace chain and wear with pride and when people compliment you on the necklace, you can say "My son/daughter made it!" or "I made it!".

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