Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Today I am so pleased to welcome Katie as a guest blogger on Muffin Tin Mom. She is so creative and a joy to know and connect with. While this pumpkin craft is geared for the classroom, it's also fantastic to do at home, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Pumpkin Paper Plate Mask 

This cute paper plate pumpkin mask is the perfect seasonal photo prop. It's fun to make and a great classroom craft. A set of class pictures with students holding up their masks look great on a bulletin board with the title "Welcome to Our Pumpkin Patch". They are also good to use with a group to reenact popular songs like "Five Little Pumpkins".
paper plate
orange paint
empty toilet paper roll
green pipe cleaner
silk leaves or green craft foam to make leaves
tongue depressor or yarn

foam brush
stapler & staples
glue gun & glue sticks or hole punch & yarn

Step 1: Paint paper plate orange. Make sure you get the edges real good! Let dry and carefully cut the center out. You might want to have an adult help you. (If making these with a group, I suggest cutting all the centers out beforehand.) Step 2: Cut approximately three inches off of an empty toilet paper roll. Very carefully staple to one end of the plate. (You can also cut lengths off an empty wrapping paper roll for a group project)

Step 3: Twist a green pipe cleaner around pencil and carefully slide off. Position your "vine" and staple onto plate near toilet paper roll "stem". Position and staple on silk leaves or use green craft foam to make some and attach.

Step 4: Have an adult hot glue a tongue depressor to finished pumpkin mask. We used a Popsicle stick but it really needs to be bigger to support the mask in place. You can also punch a hole on the left and right side and use yarn to tie your mask onto your face.

Step 5: Hold up your mask and give the camera your biggest smile!

I hope you make one to! If you do, I'd love to see your little pumpkin face☺

Katie is the creative blogger behind Katie's Nesting Spot and the co-founder of ABC/123: A Learning Cooperative. Katie was one of my very first "blogging friends" and I look forward to maybe meeting her in person one day. 

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