My son won't eat his school lunch!

Today I packed my son's lunch with items I knew were his favorites in hopes of getting him to eat his lunch after 5 days of coming home with a lunch box full of food. This is not like him to not eat his food entirely. And I even implented my MTM  stylings to his lunches with no luck. So I am at a loss. I decided to video my concerns, discoveries and frustrations. Can you relate?

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Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement! As of 9/22, he has eaten his lunch all the way through 1 time. That's progress.

My Action Plan:

  • Continue to build positive reinforcement about school lunch. 
  • Talk about how we need healthy food for energy and fuel to play and learn. 
  • Involve him in the process both in shopping and in preparing
  • Start an initiative to have recess come before eating lunch for the lower grades in our school.
  • Visit the school to see the lunchtime routine for myself.
  • Create a sticker chart which rewards him for completing 1 week of eating his lunch.

Thank you again for your comments, it has been such a huge help! I can't wait until he is back to his normal eating habits.

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