Muffin Tin Meal: Alphabet Cookies

Getting kids to eat a balanced meal with plenty of vegetables and fruit can be hard. But it's important to remain persistent in such a quest. Keep offering a variety of healthy options. If you never offer it, they will never eat it. So, offer it and see what happens. And don't give up after one try, or two, or even three. Leading experts say it may take up to 10 times for a child to like a new food.

Muffin Tin Meals are a great way to get kids to try new foods in a fun and interesting way.

We had: whole grain, gluten free vanilla alphabet cookies, iceberg lettuce "chips" (the kids loved eating it this way) PB and J heart sandwich, watermelon,strawberries, and ranch dip with green bell peppers (the one food they don't eat).

What did you family have to eat today?

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