Muffin Tin Monday: Gone Fishing

Good day friends! Today is Muffin Tin Monday I have been a busy bee and tending to lots of "end of the school year" business. I envy homeschool moms during this time - no end of the year stress for you!

 I have mixed emotions this week. I have been following the Compassion International bloggers this week as they traveled to the Phillipines to shed light on the children living in poverty there. Writing about MTM seems somewhat unnessesary in light of what I have read this week.

I do know that creating  moments of simple joy for my kids and feeding them healthy food is important. The advent of summer brings more quality time with the kids. Today we got a head start on summer by eating a "fishing themed" muffin tin snack. I have made this many a time for the Muffin Tin Kids. They love it. Dip pretzel rods in PB and "fish" for cheesy fish crackers "fish" and m & m "clams".

 Caught a fish!
 Moments of simple joy.

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