Easy Painted Photo Frame Kids Craft

Christmas is in full swing in our home. The kids are excited about gift giving this year. This year, they will be giving their own one of a kind creations made for loved ones.  Gift giving doesn't have to break the bank. And with the economy the way it is - I know of more and more families that are turning to inexpensive handmade gifts this holiday season. 

If you would like to make this simple painted photo frame craft for kids, here's what you'll need:
  • 1 wood frame from local big box craft store ($1.00)
  • 1 sheet glitter foam star stickers ($1.50 - same store)
  • Red acrylic craft paint (on hand or $1.00ish)
  • Paint brush (on hand or 50 centsish)
  • Decoupage glue/sealer (Mod Podge - on hand or $2.75 for 12oz. bottle)
  • favorite 4x6 photo (on hand)
1. Prep your crafting area by laying down newspaper, cardboard, or a vinyl wipe-off tablecloth. Sanding the frame is not needed. Cover child adequately, so they don't get paint everywhere. Pour red paint onto paper plate or old pie tin.
2. Your child can paint the photo frame at will. Being sure to get the sides. Let dry.

For adults or older children only: Apply a thin coat of Decoupage sealer over the red paint.
Your child can now add the foam stickers to the outside of frame. Slide in a 4x6 photo

*optional: cut a 4x6 piece of sheet protector to place in front of photo to protect it.

Total cost of this project minus items we had on hand: $2.50 With a 40% off coupon to Michaels, Joann's or Hobby Lobby, you will be able to save even more!

Give or keep!

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