Muffin Tin Monday - Theme: The New Year

Welcome to the last edition of Muffin TIn Monday for 2009. Can you believe it has been aound a year and half that we have been doing Muffin Tin Monday. I have some fun things in store for MTM and this blog, so be on the look out in '10.

We are spending the Christmas holiday with my family in Orange County, so our resources were a little limited this year. Can you see the 2010? The kids got it. My husband thinks it looks a little sad.  I might agree. :)
 It a cereal sampler with milk, chocolate donuts, a pirouette cookie, and cinnamon toast (the "2").

What did you make for Muffin TIn Monday? Please please share it with us! To do so, just leave the URL to your blog post or photo that has been uploaded online to a photo sharing site like

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