Muffin Tin Monday

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday! The weekly blog link up where participants from all over the web (and world) come together and share the muffin tin meals they make for their kids. What's a Muffin Tin Meal? It's pretty simple, it's a meal, snack or dessert served in a muffin tin.  Muffin Tin Mom is the "Official (and longtime) Home of the Muffin Tin Meal". To check out more about how MTM got started and to learn some tips,check out the FAQ page or view past weekly MTM link ups.

In our tin today, from top left:

Green apple slices, orange slices, fried chow mien noodles, heart-shaped turkey and cheese sandwich, fishy crackers, heart shaped sandwich x2, mini chocolate chips, bananas, granola, fruit loops, green apple slices.

Everything was downed except for the granola, Muffin Tin Girl is not big on the granola. I think this is beyond our 10th time of "introducing it" and she still wont eat it. I think it is a lost cause. Too bad, because I love granola and it can be very good for you! Oh, and MT Girl has also moved to occasionally eating a whole 12 cup tin by herself! Hard to believe...

To make our sandwiches, we used this super handy stainless steel rice mold and cookie cutter. They make them in the several different shapes. It comes with a little press which is great for smooshing it down just so! I purchased it at our local Japanese discount market, but you can get them online, but they can be pricey, so do your research.

So, what did you make for Muffin Tin Monday? Won't you share it with us? Remember to add your blog post or photo URL link by clicking the blue "inklinkz" button

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