Muffin Tin Monday

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you. Around here we celebrate Monday's with a Muffin Tin Meal. It's a meal served in a muffin tin (some also call it a cupcake pan, muffin pan and even a patty pan). We have been enjoying the summer, how about you?

Here's our Muffin Tin Meal for this week:

Star shaped peanut and banana sandwich, strawberry yogurt with sprinkles, tangerine, heart shaped water melon, star shaped canteloupe, carrot sticks.

The sandwich was a little flimsy, so I also used food picks to hold it together. What do you think? I hope those of you that have been on the fence about joining in or haven't participated in awhile will consider doing so! Just click the blue "add your link" button and add the web address of your muffin tin monday blog post or photo uploaded to a photo sharing site.

**For those of you joining in on the swap, tomorrow is the deadline for mailing out your package. I have already mailed mine and she should be getting her package today!

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