Muffin Tin Meal Stars and Hearts

It doesn't have to be Monday to enjoy a Muffin Tin Meal. Today, I pulled out our shaped silicone muffin tins (I know here in the US they are often called pans, but I am so used to saying muffin tin, that it just rolls right off the tongue).

What's in tin #1: Cheese and turkey triangle sandwiches, celery and peanut butter, yogurt with sprinkles, honey dew melon, tangerines

What's in tin #2: Star-shaped turkey and cheese sandwich, tangerines, yogurt sans sprinkles, honey dew melon stars with "ring" picks, celery sans peanut butter, banana slices

Both of the tins are made by Wilton, aside from all of the wonderful cake decorating supplies they make, Wilton features a variety of quality 6-cup shaped muffin pans that are perfect for themed muffin tin meals (and of course baking too!). The bright colors appeal to my kids and they enjoy choosing their own tins for lunch.

Here are all the tools I used for today's muffin tin meal. Cookie, vegetable, and sandwich cutters.

I'll be mentioning a little bit more about the tins, tools and accessories I have been using in the coming days and weeks. This way, when you go to make your own MTM, you'll have a more comprehensive idea of all the options available to you. I will also be adding more tutorials and how-to's for muffin tin meals. I hope you will join me!

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