Wat-aah! Bottled Water Review

Our family was given the opportunity try Wat-aah!

Wat-aah! is the first bottled water for kids, by kids. Wat-aah was founded my a mom who was searching for way to combat the effects of what she describes as "drinkable sugar" (that's you soda). She teamed up with some pint-sized researchers (including her kids) who have upped water's coolness factor, infused it with simple minerals to boost energy and brain power, and gave it a clean pure taste.

It comes in four varieties:

Orange: Bones (with electrolytes)
Blue: Brain (with magnesium)
Pink: Body ( pure spring water)
Green: Energy (ultra pure water with infused with oxygen- this one was my favorite)

We took the Wat-aah! Challenge and here's what we decided:

Here's what we love about Wat-aah!:

Mom: "It is the cleanest, purest water I have ever tasted. It promotes kids (and families) making healthy choices about what they drink, and gives them a fun option. And it doesn't need artificial coloring or taste "enhancers" to make it better. It just is better." The best part? Absolutely no sugar!

Kids: "It's sooo good. I like Wat-aah! a lot. The bottle is so cool. When can we have I it again? Mommy, you should buy this all the time. That way I can grow big and strong."

What we think needs a little work:

Mom: I'd like to see a "short stack" version for school lunches. My kids are still young, and would love that.

Kids: They don't sell it on the West coast in stores in very many places, so the kids ask for it all the time and I can't deliver. Although, I hear they are coming to more stores here in California. They do sell Wat-aah! online via Amazon for only $1.00 per bottle for a 12 pack.

Bottom line: We love it and we'd like to see it in more stores.

To see what other moms are saying about Wat-aah!, visit drinkwataah.com

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