Muffin Tin Monday - Theme: Circus!

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday, the blog link up that happens right here, every Monday at Muffin Tin Mom. Muffin Tin Mom is the official home of the Muffin Tin Meal, (Muffin Tin Lunch, et al. ) For more on MTM, be sure to visit the FAQ page. :) Let's get to the cute circus food, shall we?

This week's theme: 
The Circus!

here's what we had: 
lion face - open faced cheese sandwich
circus candy (just because) - mini m & m's
broccoli - had to have something green after last week :)
red/white circus tent stripes on a stick - craisin & moz. cheese 
clown noses - maraschino cherries
"peanuts" - mini nutter butters 
barnum's circus animal crackers
elephants - cantaloupe

love my little lion...
 but I was in a hurry as the kids were hungry. will have to do a 2.0 version

Now it' your turn to share what circus inspired muffin tin meal you made this week! don't forget that the link up will stay open all week and non-themed mtm's are always welcome

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