Photo Friday

I just don't get it. 
How am I supposed to teach my kids not to use the "A" word with this in the lobby of the movie theater? I can't exactly "turn the channel" on this one. I understand the premise of the movie and I also understand the right of the studio to promote their movie. But, Really? Really? I guess they are appealing to their "target market". I just wish I could go to the movies with my family and not hope and pray my 5 year old son doesn't ask me what "A$$" spells.

And as if that wasn't enough, we walked past this beautiful display. Same Day, Same Theater. I was visibly upset-not that they didn't have the right to promote their movie, but did the theater manager and promo company not see how utterly inappropriate this was? A half naked woman next to the Toy Story 3 poster. Great. 

I was so upset by the whole thing I went to talk to the manager and asked her what she thought about all of it. She said that the theater has an obligation to promote the movies it shows and the signs are a part of that promotion. She did however, agree with me that something could be done about the latter display. When we came out of the theater after our movie, the toy story poster was moved to towards the front of the lobby! 
It felt good to take a stand.

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