Muffin Tin Monday - No Theme

Happy Muffin Tin Monday! Welcome to the official home of Muffin Tin Monday: The weekly blog gathering that brings smiles to kids faces all over the world ( A big shout out to South Africa!)

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

There is no theme this week. I switched it up a little because of Easter, so feel free to do what ever theme you want or no theme at all. After a full weekend, I was getting ready last night for bed when it dawned on me: "I haven't done Muffin Tin Monday yet!" I almost cried because it had been a veeeery long weekend. And I don't like posting it last becaue I know a lot of you are in a different (and earlier) time zone!

So here is ours: Spring BREAKfast

Waffle (thank goodness for Eggos) Dippers with Syrup, Granola, Aple Jacks, Froot Loops and Peach Yogurt. 

It all worked out in the end and it's always a joy to hear my sweet little muffin tin girl say "Mommy, you  make the best muffin tins!"

Did you make a muffin tin meal this week? Won't you share it with us? Enter the URL in the form below. That means it's : and NOT 

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