Muffin Tin Monday - Theme: Leftovers Rock!

Welcome to another fine edition of the weekly blog carnival that excites the tummies of children all over the world -Yes, friends, It's Muffin Tin Monday!

This week's theme: Leftover's Rock!

Wondering what this theme is about? It could also be called the "For-the-love-of-Pete-I-have-nothing-in-cupboards/fride-how-am-I-supposed-to-put-together-a-meal" theme. So...use leftovers, or whatever you can scrounge up that needs "getting rid of".

That extra piece of apple that your son didn't eat?" Perfect.
That half a chicken breast left over from last nights dinner? Perfect.
Those FIVE Cheezits someone was kind enough to NOT eat and put back in the box? Perfect.

You get the idea. Here's ours:

Last of the string cheese, 1/4 of an apple from lunch, the last english muffin in our house, leftover meatballs from a few dinners ago (cut up), graham crackers, tangerine cutie pieces

-All in leftover muffin cups from the week we did the color blue and rainbow.

So, there you have it.

A little MTM news for you. There is a new linky this week. You'll be happy to know it will include thumbnail photos!It's not that i don't love Mr. Linky...I just thought I would try something new. I used to manually upload photos and links before the linkies were invented. (That feels like ages ago, but it's only been a year!). Same drill as before, however, I think you'll get to choose your photo. If there are issues, I will revert back to Mr. Linky...


Happy Muffin Tin Monday. What did you make?!

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