Muffin Tin Monday: Seeds, Plants, Flowers

Welcome the 2nd installment of the Muffin Tin Monday Springtime mini-series: Seeds Plants, and Flowers! This week I had particular fun putting together the muffin tin meal and if Muffin Tin Girl wasn't so hungry, I would have made more of those miniature open-faced flower sandwichs.

On a side note, did you know that playdough tools (washed and dried of course) can make great food shape cutters? Just sayin....

Back to the fun. Here's what I put together:

 Leaves (or grass, take your pick): Fresh Cut Lettuce, served plain.  
Flowers: Miniature open-faced cheese flower sandwich
Flower Petals: Strawberry Slices. Tried to fan them out, but it was a fail
"Smooshed Grass" Miniature Avocado Sandwich on a flower pick.
Seeds on a Bed of Dirt: Chocolate Chips and Graham cracker crumbs

(close-up of the sandwiches...cheese hearts for petals on mini bread circles. So fun!)

The plain lettuce also went over very well. I tried to say it was grass and Muffin Tin Girl said, "No Mommy Lettuce is leaves." And she came up with "Smooshed Grass"for the avocado. I was enjoying it yesterday on a sandwich ans she said it looked like someone had smooshed grass in my sandwich. Cutie patootie.

**Brief MTM update: I will be doing a few more themes and then we will be taking a theme hiatus for the summer. Doesn't mean you can't do them, just means you'll get to come up with your own, if you wish! We will start back up with the themes in late August.

So...What did you make? Still on the fence about joining in? Go read 5 Answers to 5 Reason You Have not joined Muffin Tin Monday
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