Candy Cane Heart Craft Fail

Last week, if you were around Twitter you might have read the tweets about my candy cane heart mishap craft fail. I even caught some of the wreckage on video. I wanted to share with my blunder because 1) I wanted to give you a good laugh and 2) I wanted further explain the hard truth that, for every crafty success story, there are two or three crumpled messes waiting in the wings.

It all started when, realizing I did not have parchment paper, I assumed decided that aluminum foil would "work just fine" to melt the candy canes together.

I was horribly wrong. Let this be a lesson in following directions.

Here's the video, so you can see my mess in action.

It's good to document our failures sometimes, no? They keep us humble and remind us that not everything works out perfect the first time around. Or the second.

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