Muffin Tin Monday - Theme: Back To School/ Learning

Muffin Tin Monday is a weekly blog carnival held here every week where we come together to share the muffin tin meals we have made for our kids. Sometimes we do a theme, sometimes we don't. For more info on that check out the MTM FAQ and if you are new here check out past Muffin Tin Monday posts.

It's that time, after Christmas, where we all get back to the daily family routine. My kids went back to school this week and I love the chatter over the dinner table about their school day. My son is an innate helper, always wanting to assist in any job that needs doing. Muffin Tin Girl always wants to share the latest drama at school which at this point in her life consists of who will be Daphne and who will be Fred, when they "play "Scooby-Doo" on the playground.

Even with their sweetly different personalities, there's one school time activity both kids love: Art. Painting. Coloring. Crafting. Collaging. More Painting. So we decided to do an Learning through Art MTM.

Every Artist needs their supplies:

  • White Chocolate "Paper"

  • Mike and Ike "Markers"

  • Tic-Tac "Crayons"

  • Nerds "Collage Materials"

We used these as toppings for ice cream. (But mostly they ate everything separately. Incindentally, nerds + ice cream = yummy!) They only picked at the tic-tacs as well (kinda glad). I had also made starburst "colored pencils", but someone snuck a few while I wasn't looking. Can you say "sugar high"? We normally don't gorge on sugar like that, but it was fun for a night. Muffin Tin Girl said "Mommy you make the best Muffin Tins." and Muffin Tin Dad said "Mommy really knows how to do dessert." Might have been the sugar talking.

We all played the Wii together to work out the sugar high. Good times.

*note: next week, no theme. It's MTGirl's birthday, so I'll be swamped.

What did you make this week for Muffin Tin Monday? I have it on good authority that some of you have prepared some fun things to share, can't wait!

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