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Wordle: Reader Polll

As I welcome in the new year and look forward to 2010 (that's "twenty-ten", I asked around), I wanted to take a "state of the blog" poll and see how you, my readers are liking what the Muffin Tin Mom is dishing out. My aim is to encourage and inspire moms with only the "good stuff".

I have a poll up on my side bar for your to answer a few questions. If you are reading this in a subscriber, or by email, I would love for you to stop by and share with me either by poll or by comment. Here are the questions:
  • More kid crafts and activities, please. Can't get enough of 'em  
  • More crafty DIY projects, I love those!  
  • Didn't you use to do recipes? I want more of that . 
  • I don't have a preschooler.  Can you do projects, crafts, etc. for older kids?
  • More Muffin Tin Monday/Meals, baby!
  • Vlogs are kinda cool. Talk about more stuff
  • Reviews/Giveaways Hearing about cool stuff and getting a chance to win it is my cup o' tea.
So, check out the poll in the sidebar to your left and let me know what you think!

**I can't enable the multiple answers  box, so if you have more than one, just leave me a comment. :)

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