M & M Math: Sorting and Graphing Candies

Is your preschooler going into kindergarten next year? Even if they aren't, this kindergarten readiness activity can be altered for younger children. It's an "oldy-but-a goody": M & M Math. Any small candies will work, however, M & M's seem to be a universal favorite amongst all children.

You'll need just a few items:
  • 1 package of M & M's ("fun size" works for smaller children)
  • Piece of plain white paper
  • black marker or sharpie

How to:
  • Draw as many medium size circles as there are M & M's. (six-ish).
  • Have your child sort the M & M's by color into each circle.

For preschoolers getting ready for kindergarten, you can line graph them. You'll need a ruler to draw your graph like the photo below. Muffin Tin Boy, who is a preschooler, had a little interest in the graph. But Muffin Tin Girl loved it and loved seeing the results in a different way.

You can count how many are in each row/circle and talk about which one has less/more or least/most. You can talk over how they taste and if the different colors make the candies taste different. M & M's all taste the same, but this might be effective with Skittles.

Most important, they got to eat the candies after they were done.

What about you? Do you have any tips for sorting candies or kindergarten readiness? I'd love to hear about it!

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