Folding Drying Rack Works To Dry Kid's Art

We are always painting, gluing and creating around here and frequently we need a place to dry our many art projects. I had seen the expensive drying racks found at teacher supply stores, ogled them, and decided that wasn't in our budget. That's when I realized I had the solution right in my own home! Why go out and spend a fortune on an children's art drying rack, when I could get the same benefit for less with a clothes drying rack (found at your local big box store like Target or Walmart for around $12.99 and sometimes less). The one pictured above is from Target, collapses and stores in the closet when not in use, and even has an area on top to lay large artwork flat. When the artwork is done, I wipe it clean and stow it away. And because I already owned this one, I spend zero dollars!

Do you do messy art projects at home with your kids? If so, where do you put your child's art when it's drying? 

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