Muffin Tin Monday

Hooray For Mondays! Welcome new participants, it is so great to have you! Muffin Tin Mom is the official home of Muffin Tin Monday, so you can be sure to find plenty of Muffin Tin Meal's here!

This week there is no theme for Muffin Tin Monday.

Not sure what MTM is all about? be sure to visit the Muffin Tin Monday FAQ page. The concept is pretty simple, serve a meal, snack, or dessert to your kids in a muffin tin. The small individual cups are perfect for kid sized portions! And we call it Muffin Tin Monday, because, well, we serve them on mondays! Don't like mondays? That's okay, you add your MTM all week long in the form below!

In this muffin tin meal: apple juice, turkey on toothpicks, carrot sticks, apples, and cheddar cheese squares.

Want to join in the fun? We would love to have you! And I know there are many of you that do Muffin Tin Meals but don't blog about it or take photos, and that's okay too. I will say that the more participants there are, the more yummy tins there are to look at and I love all the mealtime inspiration!

If you'd like to join in, blog about it and be sure to include a photo or just add the photo to an online photo hosting site and then add the URL to the post (and not your entire blog) or photo to the form below. It will then show up in the list below so that others can hop over to your blog/photo and see what you've done! Can't wait to see!

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