Muffin Tin Monday

Good Morning Friends!

I'll get right to the Muffin Tin Monday Goodness. There is no theme today, so feel free to not do a theme, or make up your own. Here's what we did. Remember that I also muffin cups as well as muffin tins for Muffin Tin Monday. Below, these are Calphalon muffin cups with a flower shaped cup by Wilton in the center.

What's in the cups? center: guacamole, outer circle: cheese circle, cubed chicken, carrots and sun chips.

Score one for guacamole! After many MTMs, he finally ate it and said "Mom, this stuff is yummy!"

What did you make for Muffin Tin Monday Won't you share it with us? Be sure to enter it in the form below!

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