Muffin Tin Monday -Theme - Color Series: Yellow

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday! Theme this week, continuing with our color series is: Yellow! I struggled to pull together an entire meal for meal for this theme. There are plenty of yellow foods, I just didn't have access to them. :) He is our offering this week, a little light yellow snack.

Yellow Flower Muffin Cups with:
~Dried banana and pineapple bites
~Lemon yogurt with sprinkles
~Animal cracks (hey, they are yellow-ish)

While putting together today's MTM, I wanted to make sure you feel free to be creative with Muffin Tin Monday. It can consist of whatever foods you want, and while it is Muffin Tin Monday for a reason, you don't have to use a traditional muffin tin. You can use silicone baking cups, paper baking cups, silicone baking pans, shaped baking tins, or the traditional 12 cup muffin tin. It's all up to you! If you are new to this or for more on this be sure to visit the Muffin Tin Monday FAQ page and see the MTM Flickr group (I am the moderator) for some inspiration. Lots of new photos have been added.

Also, Muffin Tin Monday has been featured on Ohdeedoh today! They detail a little of MTM's history, hop over for a look!

Now it's your turn! Did you make a Muffin Tin Meal this week? Won't you share with us? Leave the url to your photo/blog post in the form below!

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